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Blagovesta Doncheva


Editor’s Note: Our friend, William Blum,* shared this recent e-mail with us. Since it appears that citizens of the U.S. and the West (and much of the rest of the world) are about to experience the kinds of wrenching changes that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union some twenty years ago, and since our age of post-Cold War triumphalism is rapidly coming to a close, let’s take a walk down memory lane and get another view of what was lost under Socialism, and what dubious gains have been made under predatory, finance Capitalism. —Gary Corseri, Associate Editor.

Bill Blum writes: A woman in Bulgaria I’ve been corresponding with for 10 years, Blagovesta, mentioned in an email how she can no longer afford to buy foods she likes, even cheese, so I offered to send her some money for that purpose. This was her reply:

Note to Bill Blum from Blagovesta Doncheva


I have been amazed at your suggestion to correct my diet – excuse me, but it sounds strange to me.

Think: suppose I accept your offer, and you send money that will correct my diet – for how many months? One? Two? Three? And then – what? If I don’t die after 3 months, I will slide back to my diet of today and I will return into the enormous army of the chronically hungry.

That is NOT a solution.

The solution is to kill capitalism and return our life before the damned 1989.

I want that healthy ACCESSIBLE food I had under the so-called Gulags of Communism – that beloved child of the CIA and Mossad think-tanks based on the lies of mainly two despicable persons like Khruschev and that idiot Solzhenitsin (and the hordes of their GREEDY followers the main bulk of which were active Zionists!)

None of you Westerners have written yet (at least I have not come across such passages) about the DIRECT connection between the MURDER OF the Soviet Union and the HORRIBLE wars of FASCIST Israel and USA in the last 20 years! When are you all going to acknowledge that the West has destroyed a REAL QUALITY LIFE both in the Soviet Union and in the Countries of Eastern Europe?


Bulgaria is riddled with institutionalized corruption and crime. Says the New York Times: “By almost any measure, Bulgaria is the most corrupt country in the 27-member European Union. Since it joined last year, it has emerged as a cautionary tale for Western nations confronting the stark reality and heavy costs of drawing fragile post-Communist nations into their orbit, away from Russia’s influence.” What the Times so coyly refuses to acknowledge is the unbreakable link between capitalism and gangsterism, which thrives in a social environment where a thinly veiled law of the jungle is the chief determinant for human interactions. [Image: Young thugs congregate at a Sofia nightclub. Nicknamed “thick necks”, they are the muscle for the new mob permeating all aspects of Bulgarian life.]

You want to feed me? Aren’t you going to also provide for me that FREE OF CHARGE QUALITY HEALTH CARE we enjoyed here before the West had destroyed our HIGH QUALITY LIFE – in comparison to our miserable lives today? In Socialism we had here YOUTH ACCELERATION. Now we have OLD AGE ACCELERATION – and that is an official statement. AGING is accelerated by 10 (TEN!) years! It means that physically, physiologically, etc. I am not 66 now but 76! I am an ailing 76-year-old woman now with lots of health problems who needs regular medical checks and quality health care. I haven’t any. And it is not only a question of money. Through the years I have gathered lots of information and in some cases watched first hand how the capitalist so-called “health care” works.


Some weeks ago a friend (64) died. She was a Capitalist system lover and likes everything it offered – including, of course, its “health care”. So two years (!) on a run she tried to get a diagnosis – she received it at last in the death certificate. The murderers in white sensed she had money so they kept kicking her from this to that medical institution without saying to her anything definite and then threw her out when they had exhausted all her money reserves. Three days after she left the capitalist so-called “hospital,” she died.

I have gathered also many examples proving that the elderly patients are getting DELIBERATELY KILLED in the capitalist “hospitals”. I can quote a list of names of people I have personally known – now dead.

And I have promised to myself that I’ll do my best not to cross the threshold of a capitalist “consulting room” or any other “medical institution.”

I have come to the conclusion we have been kicked centuries back in relation to health care. I have accepted that I now live in a system like that of the primitive people who lived in caves and died when they fell ill. I have prepared myself psychologically for the same fate. I definitely am not going to let them kill me in their sham, so-called “medical” institutions and “consulting rooms”.

Bill, I cannot accept your offer – IT SOLVES NOTHING.

Western charity is a BIG GREAT NOTHING! It solves NOTHING! It helps NOBODY! HOW I HATE IT!

Let’s get f.e. notorious Christmas charities – do those damned idiots who collect and distribute them really think that the poor need food and clothes only 1 … 2 …or 5 days per year?!? What about the mass of the poor in the world who do not even receive those two or five days damned charities?

The only way out is to KILL CAPITALISM, to let us restore our lives before 1989, and organize the same life for the people in your countries!


Blagovesta Doncheva is a Bulgarian activist who opposes US meddling in the Balkans and Washington’s attempt to turn these nations into neocapitalist client states. She is a frequent contributor to the Emperor’s Clothes website.


* Bill Blum is Cyrano’s Journal’s Special Editor for US Foreign Policy. Associate Editor Gary Corseri helms Cyrano’s Showcase.

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